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Covington County EMA has many roles and duties that go along with the title. Emergency Managers play a big role in the planning efforts before a disaster strikes, as well as mitigating during a disaster and recovering from a disaster. There are many day to day duties that an emergency manager completes, these things can include plan writing, grant writing, drill conducting as well as having many other planning and prepardness training activities. An emergency managers job is never done because at any moment of any day a disaster or incident could strike. As emergency management, the people involved must consider and take into accounty all of the hazards, all phases, stake holders, and impacts that are relevant to disasters and other incidents, rather they be man-made or natural. The emergency managers must be progressive and risk-driven in order to better plan and prepare their community as well as be collaborative with all levels of government, emergency services, law enforcement, and other organizations so they may better achieve the goal of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


The E-911 department fullfills the duties of "Enhanced 911" telecommunications that associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number. The E-911 Coordinator issues every structure (house, barn, mobile home, camper, business, etc) a physical E-911 address and a serial number. This process is done by a very delicate formula used when the coordinator view the property and measures the footage from the front door. If no struture is in placce then a marker must be placed where the front door wiull be. Amother function of the E-911 office is to maintain the emergency communications and mappy systems within the county. 

The Covington County Floodplain Management has a goal of protecting and educating the citizens of Covington County against flood hazards. We do this by maintaining flood hazard maps, issuing flood plain certificates for properties, and holding flood plain open houses to better educate citizens on the flood hazards of the community and what they can do to protect themselves and their property from a flood hazard.

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