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Any disaster can strike without warning. A disaster natural or man made can force you to evacuate or it can confine you to your home. In these cases how would you and your family cope? Are you prepared? The best things to do is to make a family action plan and to have the following:

  • know what types of disaster can occur in your area
  • create a family disaster plan, and practice it
  • keep a disaster supply kit
  • have a "go bag: in case you need to evacuate

Disaster Supply Kit
You need to keep a disaster supply kit at home, at work, and in a car. The disaster supply kit needs to contain the following:
  • Water- at least 1 gallon per person per day
  • Canned foods and jar baby food
  • hand cranked canned food opener
  • Pet needs( food, litter, beds, water, identification)
  • extra clothing(be aware of weather conditions i.e. cold, hot, rainy
  • blankets
  • batteries
  • battery operated radio
  • flashlights
  • cash and coins
  • copies of important papers( birth certificates, social security cards, drivers license)
  • other items to meet your families special needs
  • be sure to secure items outside
For more information on disaster preparedness please visit the following websites:

Hazardous Materials Information
You can find chemicals anywhere, they are all around; from purifying water, to crop production, household items. But there are also hazardous chemicals, chemicals that are hazardous to people, pets, and the environment if used, stored, transported, or released improperly. Hazardous materials vary and can vary in health effects. They also travel our highways, railways, waterways, and through pipelines. Hazardous materials can be explosive, flammable, combustible, poisonous, radioactive, or corrosive.
The best way to protect yourself from a hazardious materials incident is to be aware of the hazards around you. You can contact your local LEPC or the county EMA office for more information at 601-765-6687. You can also add the following items to your disaster kit to better prepare yourself:
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
If you find yourself caught in a hazardous materials incident then you should follow what local authorities on scene tell you. If no authorities are on scene yet call 911, move away from the scene, and do not touch anything.
For more information contact Covington County EMA at 601-765-6687 or visit the following websites
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