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What is the Covington County LEPC?

The Covington County LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) is a committee of unpaid volunteers, comprised of elected state and local officials; law enforcement; emergency management; fire fighting; first aid; hospital; health; local environmental; transportation; broadcast and/or print media; community groups; and owners and operators of facilities. We respond to the hazardous chemical environment. develop a comprehensive emergency plan for the community, receive information about accidental chemical releases and collect, manage and providde public access to information on hazardous chemcicals in the community. We also are there to assist in other natural hazards that might occur such as Tornadoes, Winter Storms, Flooding and Wildfires.

Our Mission

Under the Federal Law, the LEPC is responsible for developing a local contingency plan to address responses to hazardous materials incidents within our county. The LEPC is also responsible for ensuring compliance with chemical reporting known as Sara Title III-Tier II Reporting.


Our goal is to work through-out Covington County to educate, inform, and create a working relationship in awareness of hazardous chemicals and other hazards with in the area

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